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sickbay23's Journal

23 January
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I'm 47 years old, living in Germany and i've been working for over 30 years as a medical secretary I'm not married and have no children I have to cats I'am a star trek fan since my 9. Birthday, i watched all episodes (TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise) but i always prefered TOS and my favourite charakter is McCoy. I've got an autograph with a personal dedication from De Kelley. I love the Movies and especially the reboot version. I love reading fanfiction, especially kirk/mccoy, i've never been a k/s chipper, in my opinion it's always been and always will K/M. I love the new star trek crew, the are so hot, and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy is absolut fantastic and absolut gorgeous, the made the right decision. He and De Kelley are two very handsome and gorgeous man, Chris Pine as Kirk is also amazing. They all do a very good Job.